optogenetic flow cytometry

opto biolab’s pxONE is an LED illumination device that combines optogenetic experiments with flow cytometry for the first time. It illuminates cell samples homogenously and an attached water bath keeps the temperature stable. Software control allows easy selection of light intensity and exposure time (ms-min). As a result, optogenetic experiments can be analyzed with over to 30.000 cells/second at single cell resolution.

compatible cytometers:

  • BD LSR / LSRFortessa
  • Miltenyi MACS Quant Analyzer
  • BC CytoFLEX
  • Cytek Aurora

ask us about compatibility for other cytometers.

software control:

  • quickly change wavelengths and intensity
  • create illumination protocols on the go and safe them for later
  • keep track of everything: easily plot temperature and light intensity over time

easy to use

The pxONE can be seamlessly attached or detached from any cytometer within a minute,
establishing itself as an ideal partner for shared flow core-facilities or your own lab’s cytometer. While our system is readily compatible with many cytometers, we are committed to assist with custom solutions for any unique challenges you may face.

Purchase options

order no.pxONE illumination device
px-LOV450 nm/customized
px-Dronpa400 nm/500 nm
px-PhyB650 nm/750 nm
px-custom2 wavelengths (365 nm – 980 nm)

each pxONE is delivered with a pxONE-controller unit and software (for Windows 10)