The optoWELL enables flexible illumination of 96 well plates with 3 customizable wavelengths

The special “reflective light guide” design enables high illumination power at minimal heating.
A temperature sensor enables monitoring throughout experiments.
The optoWELL-Control software enables the upload of inidividual light protocols for each well.
You can program any length of illumination protocol lasting from 50 ms up to a week.


Unlock the full potential
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The combination of flow cytometry with photoregulated cell samples has never been this easy. Our plug and play pxONE illumination system enables you to analyse your cells with high speed and at single cell resolution.



Our optoSORT adapter for fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) enables two additional, fully controllable illumination steps prior to cell sample injection into the cell sorter. The principle is explained in this video.

Our products establish illumination standards across the world!