device with unbelievable dynamics

smart LED-instrumentation that performs up to 24 in-parallel experiments using a simple, easy to use software that programs wavelengths, intensity and duration 

  • illumination of 24 well plates
  • 3 customizable wavelengths
  • highly reflective light guides
  • OptoWELL-Control software
  • inidividual light protocols
  • 50 ms up to a week

Wavelengths selection tool

Choose any 3 wavelengths between 365-950 nm for your customized optoWELL. Our selection tool can help you choose the right colors for you. If your desired wavelength is not listed here: no problem! Write to us -> we can probably make it happen!

opto biolabs

based in Freiburg, the city of optogenetics in the heart of the Black Forest region

we deliver smart illumination devices for your highest research applications
to meet your highest research demands

Founder Story!


Dr. Kathrin Brenker

I am a former optogenetics scientist and during my PhD, I struggled with the chronic lack of suitable illumination tools for opto-research! I was the only opto-researcher in an otherwise hardcore immunology research group. So, I had to figure everything out by myself: Where do I get light sources? How much power do I need? Why do my cells die after illumination? How can I prevent heating of my cells during illumination? How can I adapt my light sources to different experimental setups?

“I work on understanding light-dependent regulation of the Drosophila circadian clock by Cryptochrome (CRY). Utilizing the optoWELL to look at light-dependent binding of peptides of its clock partner, TIM.”

Where you can meet us
in the upcoming months:

Neuroscience 2022 in San Diego

12th-16th November, 2022

Dezember Heidelberg optogenetics applications

December 1, 2022 to December 3, 2022

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