Let’s revolutionize optogenetic research together!

We believe that every single team member is essential for the success of a company! Beautiful Freiburg is the perfect place for a healthy work-life balance. Our office is in the heart of the technical campus of the University, in the Freiburg Innovation Center. We share the FRIZ with many other startups and high-tech companies, generating a very cool vibe of people following their passion.

The black forest, France and Switzerland are all close by and offer endless cultural and adventurous experiences! Do you want to become part of a growing biotech company in beautiful Freiburg? We are looking for team members!

How we work!

We focus on the people

Our focus is on people – including our employees and customers – as they are the key elements to our growth and success! 

We believe in independence, freedom and intrinsic motivation. Nobody likes to track each other’s hours or complain if you want to go skiing on a perfect powder day as long as you are willing to work another time. Every person is most productive in a different way and we respect that. What counts is what we achieve as a team and we understand how flexibility and trust can spawn creativity and passion. These are essential to create great products that will help our customers achieve their research goals. 

We want our work to be meaningful and to make a difference somewhere in the world. Whether it is a tedious and cumbersome task or a phenomenally exciting experiment, we do our work diligently and take pride in what we accomplish. We understand that there is no short-cut to our goals so we work to accomplish what we strive to achieve and leverage our talents in the process. Teamwork is a source of strength and we rely on each other on the path towards our common goals.

Join us for the optogenetic revolution!

You are experienced in marketing to research institutes and have a background in optogenetics, photopharmacology, synthetic biology or related fields? Send us your CV and become part of the opto biolabs team! 

We are always looking for motivated students who would like to help us with production and small development projects. If you are an electrical, mechanical or software engineer and you are interested to work in a highly motivated, international, and interdisciplinary environment, you have come to the right place! Send us your CV and join the team of opto biolabs.