Smart LED-instrumentation that performs up to 24 in-parallel experiments using a simple, easy to use software that programs wavelengths, intensity and duration 

Choose any 3 wavelengths between 365-950 nm for your customized optoWELL. Our selection tool can help you choose the right colors for you. If your desired wavelength is not listed here: no problem! Write to us -> we can probably make it happen!

Wavelengths selection tool

  • 365 nm
  • 400 nm
  • 460 nm
  • 490 nm
  • 520 nm
  • 630 nm
  • 660 nm
  • 740 nm
  • 775 nm
  • 880 nm
  • 940 nm
Sorry, you can only choose 3 different colors at the same time.

optoWELLControl Software

  • Control each well individually
  • Create illumination protocols (temporal and intensity control)
  • Upload complex illumination protocols in .txt format
  • Get a live temperature reading
  • Run optoWELL in autopilot mode with pre-saved illumination protocols
  • Remote control the optoWELL via a programming interface

User stories

Our lab uses the optoWELL for multichromatic control of gene expression in bacteria. With biological systems incorporating blue, red, and green light in our repertoire, it’s great having a device that enables precise control of all three wavelengths at once!
Caroline Blassick
Phd Student in Prof. Mary Dunlop’s lab, Boston University
I work on understanding light-dependent regulation of the Drosophila circadian clock by Cryptochrome (CRY). Utilizing the optoWELL to look at light-dependent binding of peptides of its clock partner, TIM.
Connor Schnepps
PhD student in Brian Crane’s lab at Cornell University