Haven't heard about optogenetic flow cytometry?



The pxONE is an LED illumination device designed for in vitro optogenetic research. It illuminates biological cells homogenously at a constant temperature. Digital control allows an easy selection of light intensity and exposure time of the built-in wavelengths. These product features are particularly crucial for optogenetic experiments with living cells. Core feature of the pxONE besides its aforementioned features is its compatibility with a flow cytometer, a powerful and widely used analyzing device in medical and life science research analyzing up to 20.000 cells per second. 


The pxSORT is an LED illumination device suitable for fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) machines. This enables the convenient separation of e.g. reacting from non-reacting optogenetic cell populations for further analysis or culture. 

custom-made solutions

With its rapid-prototyping approach opto biolabs offers custom-made illumination solutions for your lab. Please contact us with your individual inquiry. 

how the pxONE works