Opto biolabs's pxONE is an LED illumination device designed to combine optogenetic experiments with flow cytometry. It illuminates cell samples homogenously and an attached water bath keeps the temperature stable. Software control allows easy selection of light intensity and exposure time.

As a result, optogenetic experiments can be analyzed with over to 20.000 cells/second at single cell resolution. A plethora of established protocols for flow cytometry (calcium flux analysis, apoptosis, multiparameter analysis, cell population analysis etc.) can now easily be adapted to optogenetics.

The pxONE is compatible with BD LSR II, BD LSR FORTESSA, and Miltenyi MACS Quant Analyzer. Ask us about compatability for other cytometers.


key advantages of optogenetic flow cytometry

analyze and illuminate your cell sample simultaneously

analyze large and heterogenous populations

ready to use system

Your cell sample is being taken up and analyzed in the flow cytometer while being chilled and illuminated in the pxONE. This allows you to easily establish photoswiching protocols with different light intensities / illumination times as well as recording kinetic responses, like e.g. cacium flux.

Flow cytometry allows you to analyze over 20.000 cells/ second recording multiple parameters of each single cell. This allows you to analyze large, heterogenous populations, include internal negative controls and easily compare how these different population react to light stimulation.

Most cytometers are located in shared facilities. To use our pxONE illumination device, you dont need make any permanent changes. It attaches and detaches in seconds and is already being used by several cytometer facilities around the world.

this is how easy it is!

See for yourself how quickly you can assemble the pxONE with your cytometer to start your first optogenetic flow cytometry experiment:

key features

homogenous illumination

water cooling system

software control

Your cell sample is surrounded by a total of 28 LEDs to ensure homogenous illumination of your cemm sample.

Connect the pxONE to a water bath to prevent light-induced heating and keep the temperature stable.

Our pxONE illumination device comes with an easy to use software that allows you change the wavelenghts/intensity and to generate illumination protocols that you can reuse in your next experiment.

want to try the pxONE?

Order here your own pxONE. Just fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.

We will customize your pxONE directly to your needs. Each pxONE is a unicum and can be assembled freely according to your wishes. Each device can be equipped with up to two different wavelengths.

For inspiration and information about suitable wavelengths for your target protein, please check here.

The selection mask will provide you with sample photoactivatable proteins and wavelengths. If your protein or wavelength is not included, drop us a message and we will come back to you with an individual solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!

Take this as a first example of which wavelengths are possible.

coming soon....

The pxSORT is an LED illumination device suitable for fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) machines. This enables the convenient separation of e.g. reacting from non-reacting optogenetic cell populations for further analysis or culture. Contact us if you want to be the first to try!


The pxINC is a cell culture plate illumination device that can illuminate 6-,12- or 24-well plates individually with 2 different wavelenghts. This allows you to create and test various illumination protocols for your cell culture at the same time. Contact us if you want to be the first to try!