Dr. Omid Sascha Yousefi

(Department of Molecular Immunology, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Freiburg)

“I have been using the pxONE with our Miltenyi MACS Quant Analyzer 10 for several years now and we generated key data for our most recent paper on our opto-ligand-TCR system (Yousefi et al., 2019, eLIFE) using the device. On the one hand, the software allows me to illuminate our cells for very short amounts of time (ms). On the other hand, I am also trying out long-time experiments where I measure cells for about 1 hour. Opto Biolabs build a special illumination device for me that illuminates up to 4 ml of cell sample in my FACS tube homogeneously.”