opto biolabs is a spin-off from the University of Freiburg/Germany developing innovative solutions for scientific and technological problems in the field of optogenetics. We develop illumination devices and are your development partner for tailor-made solutions for optogenetics research expanding the experimental spectrum and increasing efficiency in research.


opto biolabs pursues the mission to advance and apply science and technology to the benefit of others. With joined competences in life sciences and technology, we have a common vision: using our passion for optogenetics to deliver solutions for scientific and technological problems worldwide. 


The three founders believe in a distinct set of values shaping opto biolabs’ corporate philosophy and building the foundation for a successful mission. 

Curiosity & Creativity

We believe that in an increasingly complex world curiosity is the key trait that drives creativity and innovation. “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

Trust & Respect

The foundation of a good relationship starts with trust and respect. This applies to all our relationships - within the company as well as with customers, suppliers, and society. 

Quality & Reliability

opto biolabs stands for high-quality and safe products. For us it is very important that all stakeholders perceive us as a reliable partner.

Fairness & Openness

We believe that only through fair and open interaction with internal and external stakeholders opto biolabs will succeed in the long run.

Expertise & Courage

Expertise is the basis for innovation, but worthless without the courage to make use of it. opto biolabs supports its employees in expanding and fostering their expertise on a continuous basis and encourages them to leverage their expertise and to speak up.