opto biolabs' optoMIX is a plug-and-play micromixer specifically designed to prevent settling cells and uneven dispersion during your flow cytometer experiments.

It comes with a set of biocompatible and autoclavable magnets ensuring fast yet gentle stirring of your cells.

Combined with our LED illumination device pxONE, the optoMIX instrument enables optogenetic flow cytometry experiments of unprecedented quality. Inhomogenous illumination and shifting sample distribution are a thing of the past!

The optoMIX (HxWxD 50 mm x 50 mm x 85 mm) is compatible with any opto biolabs pxONE illumination device and fits with most standard flow cytometers (e.g. Miltenyi MACSQuant® Analyzer). Ask us about compatability for other cytometers.

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